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I spent a decade in misery doing it all wrong so you don't have to.

My name is Tommy Beardmore and I'll be your new acting coach.


10 years in, I was broke, depressed and felt totally unfulfilled. 

I was wasting year after year unknowingly committing the same mistakes that my acting classes never covered.



1000 Auditions later, after falling and failing for years, I found the answers myself.


Now, I do this for a living. My nerves are gone. Memorizing is easy. My auditions are always a contender. 

You can do this, too. 

Here, you'll soak up my 10,000 hours and $50,000 worth of training and experience. 

*No overcrowded or expensive workshops. No BS. All solutions.

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You'll have access to quality videos of insider tricks of the trade you won't find anywhere else.


Because it's my process and it's a process that works.

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You won't find guidance like this from Professors or Casting Directors. 


Because the best way to become a Working Actor is to learn from them.


Here's the type of advice you'll be getting. ⤵

WORKING ACTOR PRO was founded by Actor and Producer, Tommy Beardmore.
His appearances include the Emmy-Winning hit show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Chicago PD, Shameless, and BULL, along with over 60 Television shows, Films, and Commercials.
“I've helped thousands of struggling actors by implementing my process, complete with hacks and tips, as well as how to avoid the many mistakes every actor will make. I learned the hard way so my students don't have to."
Every aspiring actor deserves quality training and mentorship at an affordable price anytime, anywhere. ​Through their online curriculum, WorkingActorPro guides, trains, mentors, and supports Actors of any level, age, and geography. 


It's your dream to be a Working Actor. It's my dream to help get you there. Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you found us! - Tommy 

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I'll take you through 60 self-tapes from a casting I just did. You'll see what worked, what didn't, and why some tapes never made it to the director. 


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